About the Programme Venues at the University of Oxford

About University of Oxford

Oxford University stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering students a transformative educational experience rooted in centuries of tradition and intellectual rigor. As one of the world's oldest and most prestigious universities, Oxford attracts bright minds from across the globe who seek to immerse themselves in an environment dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

The student experience at Oxford University is unparalleled, combining rigorous academic programs with a vibrant and supportive community. From the moment students step onto its historic campus, they become part of a rich tapestry of learning, collaboration, and personal development. Engaging with world-class scholars and renowned experts, students are exposed to a diverse range of perspectives and ideas that challenge and broaden their intellectual horizons.

With a vast array of disciplines and faculties, Oxford University offers students an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge. Whether studying humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, or professional programs, students have access to a wealth of resources and cutting-edge research opportunities. Through small tutorial classes, lively debates, and hands-on projects, students actively participate in their own education, cultivating critical thinking skills and a thirst for knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Beyond the lecture halls and libraries, Oxford University fosters a vibrant extracurricular scene that complements the academic journey. Joining student societies, clubs, and sports teams allows students to pursue their passions, develop leadership skills, and forge lifelong friendships. The university's historic buildings, picturesque gardens, and lively streets create an inspiring backdrop for personal growth and exploration.

About the Bodlean Library, University of Oxford

The participants in the Frontiers of Economics Oxford Summer School will commence their week at the University of Oxford with the full matriculation ceremony and guided tour of the Bodleian Library, whose members they will become, and whose membership card they will receive. This serves as proof of membership at Oxford to Oxford students and will be used for this purpose also by programme participants.

The Bodleian Library is one of the world’s most important historic libraries. It is located at the University of Oxford in England as one of its constituent parts. By law, every publisher has to send a book to this library. With a legacy dating back over four centuries, the library is a renowned center of learning and a symbol of scholarly excellence. It houses a vast collection of over 12 million items, including rare manuscripts, historic maps, ancient coins, and captivating artwork.

The library's architectural splendour is a sight to behold. From the medieval grandeur of Duke Humphrey's Library to the modernist design of the Weston Library, each space exudes its own unique charm. The Bodleian Library offers a comprehensive exploration of human knowledge, providing a rich tapestry of intellectual resources.

Within the library's walls lie treasures of history and literature. From J.R.R. Tolkien's original  manuscript of "The Lord of the Rings" to Shakespeare's First Folio, these works have left an indelible mark on the intellectual landscape. Handwritten notes by influential figures like Jane Austen and Percy Bysshe Shelley offer insights into their creative process. The Bodleian Library is a haven for those seeking to uncover the wonders of human thought and imagination.

In addition to its vast collections, the Bodleian Library offers a range of experiences and services. Expert librarians lead guided tours, sharing fascinating stories and insights. Interactive exhibitions shed light on various aspects of the library's collections and their historical significance. Digital resources provide access to valuable information, enabling scholars and enthusiasts worldwide to engage with the wealth of knowledge preserved within the library's walls. 

Step into the world of intellectual discovery at the Bodleian Library, where history and knowledge intertwine. It is a place where past achievements inspire future generations, and where the pursuit of wisdom knows no boundaries. The Bodleian Library invites you to explore its rich heritage and to be captivated by the power of human creativity and understanding.

About Linacre College, University of Oxford

The lectures and seminars will take place at Linacre College. Lunch and dinner will also be enjoyed in the regular dining hall of this Oxford College.

Nestled within the illustrious University of Oxford, Linacre College is an equal and constituent member of the University of Oxford, which is made up of independent colleges.

Linacre College stands as a dynamic and inclusive academic community, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration, and global impact. With its unique focus on postgraduate education, Linacre College offers a vibrant and stimulating environment for students seeking to excel in their chosen fields.

At Linacre College, students experience first-class knowledge through an interdisciplinary lens. Recognizing that the most pressing challenges of our time transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, the college fosters an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and encourages students to explore innovative approaches to solving complex problems. Interacting with peers and scholars from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, students are exposed to fresh perspectives that spark creativity and enhance their learning experience. 

The student experience at Linacre College is marked by a strong sense of community and support. With a smaller student body, individuals have the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and build lasting friendships. The college's inclusive ethos ensures that every student feels valued and empowered to make a difference, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and shared purpose. 

Linacre College provides exceptional academic resources and facilities to its students. Access to world-class libraries, research centres, and laboratories enables students to pursue their research with the latest tools and methodologies. Engaging with leading experts in their fields, students have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research and make a tangible impact in their chosen disciplines. 

Beyond academia, Linacre College offers a wide range of social and cultural activities that enrich the student experience. From engaging lectures and seminars to social gatherings and sports clubs, students have ample opportunities to engage in intellectual, recreational, and social pursuits. The college's stunning surroundings, nestled amidst Oxford's historic spires and picturesque landscapes, provide an inspiring backdrop for personal and academic growth. 

Overall, Linacre College offers a unique student experience that combines first-class knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a supportive community. By embracing the ethos of academic excellence, inclusivity, and global engagement, the college empowers students to become the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

About Mansfield College, University of Oxford

Students will stay on the grounds of Mansfield College, University of Oxford, in the accommodation taken up by Oxford students during term time, and they will have breakfast in the regular dining all of Mansfield College, which is the only college to use its Chapel for this purpose. 

Mansfield College is a distinguished institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and social justice. Founded in 1886, the college has a rich history and a vibrant community that fosters intellectual growth and personal development. With its beautiful architecture and serene surroundings, Mansfield College offers a tranquil and inspiring environment for students and scholars. The college boasts a range of modern facilities, including well-equipped lecture halls, libraries, and study spaces, where individuals can engage in rigorous academic pursuits.

Mansfield College takes pride in its diverse and inclusive community, welcoming students from all backgrounds. The college places a strong emphasis on social justice and actively promotes equality, diversity, and inclusivity. This commitment is reflected in the college's academic programs, which cover a wide range of disciplines, from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences.

In addition to its academic offerings, Mansfield College provides a rich extracurricular experience for its students. Numerous student societies and clubs cater to a variety of interests, enabling students to pursue their passions and engage in a vibrant campus life. The college also organizes regular events, lectures, and conferences that foster intellectual discourse and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

Mansfield College is known for its supportive and nurturing community, where students receive personalized attention and guidance from dedicated tutors and academic staff. This close-knit environment creates a conducive atmosphere for intellectual exploration and enables students to reach their full potential.

Situated in the heart of Oxford, Mansfield College offers easy access to the city's renowned libraries, museums, and cultural attractions. Students have the opportunity to engage with the vibrant intellectual and cultural scene that Oxford has to offer, enriching their academic journey. Mansfield College stands as a testament to the University of Oxford's commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and social justice. Its inspiring environment, diverse community, and rigorous academic programs make it a distinguished institution within the esteemed university.