Dr Achraf Mkhaiber

Dr Achraf Mkhaiber currently works as a Senior Consultant in the UK and the Middle East. He has accumulated over 11 years of experience as an Academic at British universities and a Consultant at international organisations, including the United Nations.

In 2017, he was awarded his PhD in Banking and Economic Development from the University of Southampton. He Holds an MSc in Applied Econometrics from Kingston University, an MSc in International Business Finance from Bournemouth University and a BSc in Banking and Economics from the University of Damascus in 2012, 2010, and 2007, respectively.

Dr A Mkhaiber

Achraf is an expert in quantitative research methods, especially in econometrics using statistical software such as STATA, to translate economic theories into policy recommendations. Such extensive quantitative research skills have enriched his multidisciplinary research background and allowed him to publish research at leading international conferences, peer-reviewed journals, and the UN platform.

His research findings emphasise the central role of community banks in stimulating local economic development growth through specialising in SME financing. His research has important implications for policymakers, entrepreneurs, academics, and development programmes.

Achraf has led and delivered several academic courses spanning Economics, Banking, Finance, Business, Quantitative Research Methods, Statistics and Econometrics at renowned British universities (e.g., Queen Mary University of London and University of Winchester) and supervised a plethora of students through their bachelors and master’s dissertations.

List of recent publications:

Mkhaiber, A. and Werner, R. A. (2021). 'The relationship between bank size and the propensity to lend to small firms: New empirical evidence from a large sample'. Journal of International Money and Finance, 110 (2021) 102281.

Mkhaiber, A. (2022). ‘The natural resource curse unmasked: The economy and trade finance in Algeria in the shadow of COVID-19’. United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA).

Mkhaiber, A. (2017). ‘Bank size, locality, SME lending and local economies’. Doctoral Thesis. University of Southampton. Southampton, United Kingdom.