The content below as well as on the subpages has been archived from the former organiser of the ECOBATE, the Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development of the University of Southampton.

What is it about?

The third European Conference on Banking and the Economy covers important topics on how banks affect the economy and all of us. One is the role that small, not-for-profit banks can play in boosting local communities and SMEs. Another is the money creation process. Attendees will learn who can create credit and its impact on the economy and lcoal communities. The conference will also explore the themes of state money vs. private money and local money versus national money. Attendees will learn why small and medium-sized enterprises find it hard to obtain bank loans in the UK, how other countries, such as Germany, manage to deliver a steady supply of funding to small firms and thus generate stable growth and prosperity in local communities, and much more. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with leading thinkers and policy-makers.

Key sessions cover topics such as:

  • Credit creation in the UK: Who creates money and who gets it, and how much?
  • Not Volkswagen, but Volksbank: The People's Banks of Germany. Cooperative banking for the local community
  • Is the UK banking structure fit for purpose? What concrete steps are needed to change it?

Who is attending?

Interested members of the public, local business leaders, local government officers, policy activists, journalists, finance academics and economists, banking practitioners, central bankers, students of the economy, finance and business, think tank members, politicians. The conference is hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton, Prof. Don Nutbeam.

How can I register?

To attend, either for the free part of the conference from 3.30pm, or the full day registration, please register through Eventbrite.

For questions, please contact the Event Manager at