HSIF Campus

Overview of the HSIF Campus

Ovcha Kupel, a tranquil district in Sofia, Bulgaria (where the HSIF campus is located) exudes a charming simplicity that resonates with residents and visitors alike. Nestled amid scenic landscapes, the area offers a balanced blend of residential tranquility and urban conveniences. With its parks, local markets, and community spirit, Ovcha Kupel fosters a sense of belonging. Residents appreciate the unhurried pace, embracing a lifestyle where daily routines are complemented by green spaces and friendly faces. The district's unassuming charm, coupled with its accessibility to amenities, creates a modestly praised haven, making Ovcha Kupel a delightful place to call home in the heart of Sofia.

The campus itself is a top-quality as it offers a blend of peace and quiet as well as opportunities to interact with faculty and fellow students alike. It boasts a manicoured garden to the back of the University as well as a on-site cafe, a library and high speed internet connection. 

Chapel and backyard

Foyer 1

Foyer 2

Grand lecture hall