Prof. Dr. Richard A Werner

Professor Richard A. Werner, MA, D.Phil. (Oxon), is an LSE and Oxford-educated economist from Germany, and university professor of banking and economics, FCA-authorised investment adviser and fund manager, and policy adviser to governments and central banks. 

Professor Werner has taught as a full professor at numerous universities, including Southampton, De Montfort, Winchester, Fudan University (Fanhai International School of Finance) in Shanghai, Goethe-University Frankfurt, and as a visiting professor at others, including Corvinus University, Budapest.

In 1995, as chief economist of a British investment bank in Tokyo, Professor Werner proposed a new policy to end banking crises which he called ‘Quantitative Easing’. His book “Princes of the Yen” ( on banking and central banking, was a bestseller in Japan. In it, he warned of the coming credit bubbles, banking crises, and recessions, derived from his Quantity Theory of Credit and evidence-based economics research.

Richard Werner was also senior managing director and senior portfolio manager at Bear Stearns Asset Management, among many other industry positions. He has been at the Bank of Japan, the Asian Development Bank and the Development Bank of Japan, among others. Professor Werner has worked in Japan for 12 years and in China for 3 years and you will also gain from his expert knowledge of the East Asian High Growth System and the role of banks in it. He proposed a new monetary policy he called “Quantitative Easing” in Japan in 1995, which has become a standard tool by central banks. Look up Professor Werner's work at and follow him on YouTube at Werner Economics.