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ECOBATE 2013 PosterWinchester Guildhall, Thursday 29 September 2011

About this conference

The role of banks has come under increasing scrutiny. The ongoing financial crisis has thrown a spotlight on their role as creators of credit and how their investment decisions determine how economies develop.

This conference will explore the past, present and future role of banks and examine how the financial ‘operating system’ affects the economy, the labour market, asset prices and financial stability.

Renowned experts in the fields of banking and finance, monetary policy, banking practice, early warning models and novel finance mechanisms will come together to consider the policy implications of their work. One topic will be how to create a financial architecture capable of financing truly sustainable local economic development.

With keynote contributions from Lord Adair Turner, whose joint roles as Chair of the FSA and the Committee on Climate Change give him a unique perspective on the linkages between finance, the economy and the environment, this gathering will offer insights into the future of finance and a chance to participate in the development of ideas in this important field.


Who is attending?

Local government officers, local business leaders, the interested general public, policy activists, international economists, finance academics, banking practitioners, regulators, central bankers, politicians, students of the economy and finance, finance journalists, think tank members.

The conference is hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton.

Attendees will:

  • Have an opportunity to engage with leading thinkers and policy-makers
  • Learn why there are recurring banking crises
  • Hear about banking crisis early warning systems
  • Examine the credit creation process and how it affects growth, employment and property prices
  • Gain insights into how banks influence local economic development
  • Be inspired by efforts to re-localise banking and develop alternative funding mechanisms
  • Witness the launch of a new book by nef explaining accessibly how the monetary system works

Key sessions include:

  1. How to avoid banking crises and how to handle them without burdening the tax payer
  2. Lessons from local banking in Europe
  3. Monetary and fiscal policies that deliver stable,
    sustainable growth
  4. Local money flows - their benefits, how to encourage
    them and make them work for you
  5. Financing the transition to a low-carbon economy
    and preventing destructive growth
  6. A government funding model for public infrastructure
    investment that does not add debt


For further information

Please contact the Event Manager, Ms Jo Hazell at or telephone 023 8059 4858, or contact the Centre Team at


All attendees are asked to kindly register.

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