Banking: Seeking a New Paradigm

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Featured Session

Reviving local banking in the UK

2 sessions:

King Alfred Conference Chamber, 1.30-3.30pm
Bapsy Hall, 3.45-4.45 pm
Admission: Free, open to the public

Why Local Banking?

In the UK, the inability to access affordable finance is hindering economic recovery. When funding cannot be obtained, businesses fail or never start, and projects are put on hold. This also sets back efforts to decarbonise the economy. Large banks often make lending decisions removed from the location of the applicant and with less local knowledge. In other countries, such as in Germany, the majority of banking relationships are still locally based. This is said to be a key cause of the strength of the German SME sector. This public session will explore the case for reviving local banking in the UK and the benefits of localising money flows. It will explore the risks and benefits to local government of supporting local banks and the audience will hear of plans for a community bank in Hampshire.


How the German local banking system supports small firms and local communities
Niclaus Bergmann, Managing Director of the Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation, Germany
Local and macroeconomic benefits of Savings Banks
Wolfgang Neumann, Director, EU-Representation of the German Savings Banks Association, Brussels
Benefits to local economies of keeping spending local: the findings of the LM3 project
Tony Greenham, Head of Finance and Business, New Economics Foundation
Local views on the idea of a Community Bank in Hampshire
Alex Templeton, Director, The Farm Energy Project

Professor Neil Marriott BSc, MBA, PhD, DipM, CPFA, FHEA, Dean of Winchester Business School, University of Winchester

Chair: Professor Richard Werner, Director, Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development, University of Southampton


Thursday 29th September, 2011



Subject and Location


Registration and refreshments

Registration Entrance Area 1st Floor, Guildhall,Tea & Coffee in adjacent Keats Room


Vice-Chancellor's Welcome

King Alfred Conference Chamber

Professor Don Nutbeam
Vice-Chancellor, University of Southampton


Welcome from the Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development

King Alfred Conference Chamber

Richard Werner
Professor of Banking, University of Southampton, Director, Centre for Banking, Finance ands Sustainable Development


Parallel Academic Sessions



Stream 1: Bank Regulation 1

King Alfred Conference Chamber 
Chair: Nicolas Ryder

Stream 2: Banks & Economy

Walton Suite 
Chair: Peter Szilagyi

Stream 3: Monetary Policy

Wykeham Room
Chair: Eiji Okano

a) The Macroeconomic Implications of Changes in Bank Capital and Liquidity Requirements in Canada: Insights from the BoC-GEM-FIN

(C. de Resende & N. Perevalov, BoC)

a) The lessons from QE and other ‘unconventional' monetary policies - evidence from the Bank of England

(V. Lyonnet, Paris Polytechnique & R. Werner, Southampton)

a) Interaction Between Monetary Policy and Income Inequality in a Deposits Market

(Aleksandr Grigoryan)


b) Policy Paper: Financial Stability, The role and practice of financial policy

(Charles Haswell, HSBC)

b) World monetary discrepancies: A new macroeconomic analysis

(Alvaro Cencini, Lugano)

b) Monetary Policy Trade-offs in a Portfolio Model with Endogenous Asset Supply

(Stefan Schueder, Goettingen)

c) Policy Paper: How to prevent bank regulators from being captured by their industry

(Thierry Philipponat, FinanceWatch)

c) A flow-of-funds perspective of the financial crisis: The Euro area

(B. Winkler & C. Giron, ECB)

d) Keep your word: Time varying inflation targets and Inflation Targeting Performance

(Ishak Demir, Bilkent)  

d) The development of credit unions in the United Kingdom - a critical review of government policies since 1997

(Nicolas Ryder, UWE)

d) Bank Internationalisation during the Global Financial Crisis: U.K. and U.S. Bank Perspectives

(P. Szilagyi, Cambridge & J. Batten, HK)

b) Optimal Monetary Policy and Inflation Rate Volatility under Local Currency Pricing

(Eiji Okano, Chiba Keizai)


Stream 4: Risk and Banks

Eversley Room 
Chair: Stefan Jacewitz

Stream 5: Markets

St. John's House
(opposite Guildhall)
Bevero Room (1st fl.)
Chair: Gabe de Bondt

Stream 6: Bank Behaviour

St. John's House
(opposite Guildhall)
De Winton Room (1st fl.)
Chair: Jenifer Daley

a) Risk, capital buffers and bank lending: A granular approach to the adjustment of Euro area banks

(L. Maurin, ECB & M. Toivanen, BoF)

a) The Impact of the 2007-2010 Crisis on the Financial Centres

(Gunther Capelle-Blanacard & Yamina Tadjeddine, Paris1)


a) Why Do Banks Pay Dividends? Cross Country Evidence in the Context of the Financial Crisis

(J. F. Abreu, BdePortugal & M. A. Gulamhussen, ISCTE-IUL)

b) Liquidity Risk: Penalty Rates and Liquidity Requirements

(Guiseppe Maddaloni)

b) Interest Rate Pass-Through in Italian Regions

(Boriss Silverstovs, ETH Zurich)

b) The international propagation of the financial crisis of 2008 and a comparison with 1931

(R. Moessner, BIS & Bill Allen)

c) Bank Growth and Long Term Risk

(Stefan Jacewitz, FDIC)


c) Complementary or Contradictory: Combining Returns Based and Characteristics Based Investment Style Analysis

(Andrew Mason, Surrey)

c)The Quest for Growth: The Impact of Bank Strategy on Interest Margins

(Saskia van Ewijk, Nyenrode)


d) The Predictive Content of Sectoral Stock Prices: A US-Euro Area Comparison

(Gabe Jacob de Bondt, ECB)


d) Competitive conditions in the Jamaican Banking Market 1998-2009 

(K. Matthews & J. Daley, Cardiff)




Refreshment break

Keats Room, 1st Floor, Guildhall


Plenary 1: KEYNOTE: Bank Regulation: The Role of the Macroprudential Authority

King Alfred Conference Chamber

Charles Goodhart
Founding Member, Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England; Prof. Emerit. LSE



St. John's House (opposite Guildhall), Assembly Hall (1st floor)



Parallel Academic Sessions


Stream 7:  Local Banking

King Alfred Conference Chamber
Chair: Richard Werner

Stream 8: Bank Regulation 2

Walton Suite
Chair: Andy Mullineux

Stream 9: Bank Credit

Wykeham Room
Chair: Concha Artola

a) Benefits to keeping spending local: findings of the LM3 project

(Tony Greenham, nef)

a) Price Stability and Financial Imbalances: Rethinking the Macrofinancial Framework After the 2007-8 Financial Crisis

(Fabio Spartaco Panzera, Fribourg)

a) Do Banks Value the Eco-Friendliness of Firms in their Corporate Lending Decision? Some Empirical Evidence

(M.Nandy & S. Lodh, Radboud) 

b) The benefits of having 70% of the banking sector locally based and locally controlled

(Wolfgang Neumann, German Savings Bank Association; Richard Werner, Southampton)

b) Basel III: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?

(Alister Milne, Loughborough)


b) Credit cycles: freewheeling, driven or driving?

(Simon Mouatt, Southampton Solent)

c) Towards a Community Bank in Hampshire

(Alex Templeton, Farm Energy Project)

c) A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Basel III: Some Evidence from the UK

(Meilan Yan, Loughborough)

c) Credit Market Conditions and The Impact of Access to the Public Debt Market on Corporate Leverage

(Anna Korzhenitskaya, Middlesex)

d) Mid-wife to local banks - Exporting German know-how in local banking

(Niclaus Bergmann, Sparkassen Foundation)

d) Taxing Banks Fairly

(Andy Mullineux, Birmingham)

d) Euro Area SMEs Under Financial Constraints: Belief or Reality

(Concha Artola, BoSpain, et al. ECB)


Stream 10: Bank Efficiency

Eversley Room
Chair: Taufiq Choudhry

Stream 11: Interest Rates & Derivatives

St. John's House
(opposite Guildhall)
Bevero  Room (1st fl.)
Chair: Tarik Driouchi

a) Efficiency and Integration in European Banking Markets

(Candida Ferreira, Lisbon Technical)      

a) The Effect of Derivative Instrument Use on Capital Market Risk: Evidence from Banks in Developed and Emerging Countries

(Christian de Peretti, Lyon1)

b) The Measurement and Determinants of Bank Efficiency in Central Asia

(J. Khurshid Djalilov, Bournemouth)

b) Nonparametric Conditional Density Estimation of Short-Term Interest Rate Movements: Procedures, Results, and Risk Management Implications

(A. Kaldar, IIT West Bengal & S. Siddiqui, Heidelberg)

c) Does Regulation Matter for Banks in the New EU Member States?

(Antonios Kalyvas, Bournemouth)

c) An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of the Credit Default Swap Index Market on Large Complex Financial Institutions

(Giovanni Calice, Southampton)

d) Comparison of Efficiency Characteristics Between the Banking Sectors of US and UK During the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2011

(T. Choudhry & R. Jayasekera, Southampton)

d) The Information Content of Option Implied Volatility Surrounding the 2008 UK Banking Debacle - Evidence from High Street Institutions

(T Driouchi, King's London)



Refreshment Break

At the back of Bapsy Hall, 1st Floor, Guildhall


Plenary 2:  BOOK LAUNCH: New Guide: What is money, who creates it, and how?

Bapsy Hall

Chair: Richard Werner

Josh Ryan-Collins
senior researcher, new economics foundation, London


Plenary 3:  Seeking Local Banking Solutions: Plenary & Panel Discussion

Bapsy Hall

Chair: Professor Neil Marriott, Dean, Winchester Business School


Insights from the World of Savings Banks

Norbert Bielefeld
Deputy-Director, European Savings Banks Group, Brussels



German Views on the Advantages of Local Banking

Wolfgang Neumann,  Director, EU-Representation of the German Savings Banks Association, Brussels
Niclaus Bergmann
Sparkassen Foundation for Int'l Cooperation, Bonn


Local Views on the Idea of a Community Bank in Hampshire

Professor Neil Marriott, Dean, Winchester Business School


Refreshment Break

At the back of Bapsy Hall, 1st Floor, Guildhall




Vice-Chancellor's Welcome to Evening Session

Bapsy Hall

Professor Don Nutbeam
Vice Chancellor, University of Southampton


Plentary 4: KEYNOTE: Credit Creation and its Social Optimality 

Bapsy Hall

Lord Adair Turner
Chairman, FSA and Committee on Climate Change


Plenary 5: Banking and the Economy - Basic But Little-Known Facts with Far-Reaching Consequences

Bapsy Hall

Richard Werner
Professor of Banking, University of Southampton, Director, Centre for Banking, Finance ands Sustainable Development


Panel Discussion and Q&A

Bapsy Hall

Lord Adair Turner, Charles Haswell, Richard Werner 


Close of conference



Lunch at St Johns House Assembly
Lunch at St Johns House Assembly
Location of Public Sessions
Location of Public Sessions

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