How to register

All attendees are asked to kindly register.

There are two types of registration:

All Day Registration

(including lunch and refreshments throughout the day, all academic sessions from 9am, Professor Charles Goodhart's keynote lecture, Professor Brian Lucey's keynote, the afternoon parallel sessions, and the afternoon programme, including Dr Vince Cable's keynote speech at 18.00 hrs).

To register, please visit our dedicated registration site.


Free Public Registration

(for Afternoon/Evening Sessions, beginning at 3.40 pm until the conference ends at 19.30 hrs, and including Dr Vince Cable's keynote speech at 18.00 hrs).

If you would only like to attend the afternoon/evening programme starting at 3.40 pm, please send an email with your name, affiliation and contact details to headlined 'registration'.

Winchester Guildhall

Key facts

The land on which the Guildhall is built was given to the city by the Crown to help defray costs for hosting the wedding of Queen Mary I of England and Philip II von Habsburg, son of the German Emperor, in Winchester Cathedral in 1554. The total cost of construction of the Guildhall 140 years ago was £16,000.